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Soccer Laws of the Game (Soccer Rules) FIFA update July 2006

New update of FIFA Laws of the Game, as of July 2006:

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Soccer Coaching: How to Succeed, With Not a Lot of Soccer Playing Experience

Here’s a recent question…“How to succeed as a quality
coach and with not a lot of soccer playing experience?” 

A good place to start is ...


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Soccer Posters - general topics

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Soccer:  “How To Inspire Youth Players?”

Here’s another recent question ... “How can I inspire my [son / daughter / youth players] to enjoy learning more?”

Good question.  Here are a few thoughts…

First, for young players, it is important that they have fun.  Inspiring them to improve goes much farther when they are having fun while getting better.  As an example, running laps without a ball may be good exercise, but not fun (for most).  On the other hand, small-sided games can be fun while also great exercise, as well as great ways to learn. 

Another way many young players like to learn is ...

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